China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition 2019

We will be at one of the largest dedicated industrial lubricants exhibitions in the world. Inter-Lubric is the main portal into China’s lubricants industry and in 2019 the 20th edition will be held in Guangzhou at PWTC Expo.

You can meet us at our booth, inspired by the Nordic forest, to discuss our offer of Pro-Environment Polyols and acids for the synthetic lubricants market. To book a business meeting with Perstorp, contact our sales representatives. We are here to help you! 

For more information on the exhibition visit:
We hope to see you there! 

The show is a globally recognized trade communications platform, providing a focal point for the lubricants industry for over 20 years. 2000-2018  add up: 

  • 25,000+ Global Brands
  • 165,000+ Square-meter in Sale
  • 200,000+ Domestic and foreign buyers
  • 130+ Professional Conference and Seminars

As the core annual gathering of China’s lubricants industry, the show brings together well-known industry brands, involving leading businesses from across its sectors and providing the space for the active participation of industry leaders from throughout China and around the world. Building on its undisputed reputation as a multi-purposed industry platform, our experienced team offers a comprehensive events framework for executive and technical dialogue on industry knowledge exchange, technological development, trade promotion, and business negotiation, as well as a growing programme of professional industry training and consultation services.


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Technical Market Development Manager

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General Manager

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