Research & Development
Perstorp, Sweden
Application due: August 21 2022


Development Chemist / Laboratory Engineer to R&D

We offer a position in our chemical and process laboratory. A team consisting of skilled and enthusiastic engineers and chemists. Together, we develop the chemical innovations of tomorrow that enables a sustainable future.

About the job

The main responsibility for R&D is to contribute to the innovation process, comprising application, product and process development, within the Perstorp Group but also to support business in all types of customer relations. It is an exciting time with many interesting and challenging projects in the pipeline. Across the different departments of R&D we are about 70 colleagues.

This positions belongs to the department Chemical and Process Development. We are responsible for product and process development from the initial ideation screening phase to up-scaling. There are about 15 colleagues in the group with a wide range of background and expertise. We have a well-equipped lab and handle preparative organic chemistry, but also high-pressure facilities e.g., for hydrogenation, oxidation and hydroformylation. In addition, we also do upscaling and piloting to support both internal and external clients. The group leads and takes part in development work for new and existing products, working with other departments in Innovation as well as different functions within Perstorp.

As a Laboratory Engineer or Development Chemist you will work in our team and play a major role in ensuring the delivery of our objectives.

Your main assignments will be:

  • Plan and perform laboratory tasks such as synthesis and different processing techniques.
  • Participate and contribute to development projects.
  • Participate in and support the technological development of the department regarding different unit operations such as distillation, crystallization, synthesis, extraction, ion exchange, and various up-scaling tasks.
  • Work tasks might contain high complexity and require good planning, interaction and coordination with colleagues from other departments, though there is always room for learning.

As a new member of our team we expect there is much for you to learn. You will be part of an experienced team were we happily share knowledge. We will provide you with a mentor who will help you during your learning process.

Who are you?

  • Technical/chemistry education on minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent.
  • You can be newly graduated or have a couple of year’s experience
  • You have an interest in working hands on in the laboratory
  • Good chemical knowledge and experience of practical operation of different synthesis and processing techniques.
  • R&D is a project-oriented organization and familiarity to project driven work is acknowledged.
  • Spoken and written English is required.

To be successful in this position you should be self-reliant but with good collaboration skills. In some parts of your job, you will be working individually but in larger projects you will interact with different people and functions in the company. You also need to have a strong drive and ability to take initiatives.

Additional information

This is a permanent employment located at Perstorp R&D Centre in Perstorp, Sweden.

Application will be open until August 21st. If you have any questions about the recruitment process please reach out to Matilda Malm, HR, [email protected]