Our sustainability governance structure

Our Executive Vice President Group Communications and Sustainability leads our corporate change program for Sustainability. We have a genuinely cross-functional team that drives our sustainability ambition to become Finite Material Neutral. The team includes representatives from our business, procurement, operations, marketing, innovation, responsible care and communications as well as those responsible for each Finite Material Neutral focus area.

At the site level lies the responsibility for the daily, systematic work of many of our sustainability issues. It includes ensuring compliance with both legal requirements and our own standards for occupational health and safety, environmental protection, diversity and equal opportunities as well as business ethics. 

Our work with sustainability is also very closely linked with our R&D and innovation teams, and 80% of our R&D focuses on finding new sustainable solutions. Read more about our sustainable innovation here.

Our Code of Conduct serves as an overarching policy, covering many aspects of the conduct we expect from our people in all that we do. Additionally, we have a range of more specific group policies which cover environmental issues, occupational health and safety and other employee matters. Directed towards suppliers we have our Vendor policy, clearly communicating what we expect of them as our supply chain partners.