An environmental journey

Perstorp was founded in 1881 in the heavily wooded region of Perstorp in Sweden. We have a long journey of acting and thinking sustainability and we have been pioneers in several areas.

In 1960 our environmental work started more seriously. Already back in 1985 we were one of the first chemical companies to introduce an environmental policy. In 1991 we inaugurated our Bio fueled power plant. We started to deliver district heating to Perstorp village and Stenungsund village already in 1995. And in 2010 we launched worlds first renewable Penta – our Voxtar™. And in 2017 we introduced worlds first renewable portfolio of the essential Polyols TMP and Neo – or as we call them Evyron™ and Neeture™. We have done a lot of things throughout the years. Walking more than we have been talking. 

Sustainability timeline