Securing a sustainable sourcing

Ensuring security of supply is the starting point for all our work related to our supply chain, and we address this in an integrated way where sustainable production is a key factor. During 2018 we have intensified our integration of sustainability in our supply chain processes, and we have updated the assessment methodologies. We have also adopted corporate policies and procurement procedures to address supply chain risks and minimize our upstream social and environmental impacts. Our policies and procedures include our Vendor Policy, our Modern Slavery Statement and systematic work to manage information about our suppliers and track and assess their performance.

Code of Conduct 

Our Code of Conduct is the overarching tool for communicating our expectations to suppliers in addressing sustainability issues, including human rights, labor standards, corruption and environmental impacts. Furthermore, through our Vendor policy, we more specifically require of our suppliers to act in accordance with international principles concerning issues such as child labor, bonded labor, occupational health and safety and freedom of association in the workplace. 

Stringent assessments of suppliers 

All suppliers of large spend and/or specifically rated, are systematically assessed using a supplier evaluation tool. The tool consists of questions, addressing issues such as environmental management, human rights, labor standards and anti-corruption. The procedure also requires suppliers to acknowledge and sign our vendor policy. This systematic approach covers 80 % of our spend. We also conduct audits of suppliers, but they mainly focus on management systems for quality and the environment.