Caring for our local communities and the environment

Contributing to a better society and supporting causes we believe in are part of our commitment to society. Supporting and engaging in different projects and partnerships can be motivated by our employees, who support an initiative close to their hearts or as part of our sustainability strategy. Finite Material Neutral related projects that take us towards this ambition will receive strong commitment as they are vital for a more sustainable world.   

Apart from the main causes, we engage in there are many local initiatives where Perstorp is active. For us, it’s not only about donating money but involvement in the initiatives and learning from all the good causes we support. Read more about some of our activities.   

The Hunger Project 

We have chosen to partner with The Hunger Project and their aim to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

The Hunger Project is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate hunger and poverty. The vision is: A world where every woman, man and child leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.

Perstorp High School 

In Perstorp village in South of Sweden, we are the main sponsor of Perstorp Gymnasium. The school offers a three-year program in industrial technology, focusing on chemical processing. The Perstorp Gymnasium trains and educates 16-18 year-olds, and equips them for a technical career.

World clean-up day 

Once a year it’s world clean-up day which engages millions of people worldwide to clean up our nature. Last year, more specifically 17 million people around the world participated, and among those were our employees. Why not join us this year.