Prepared for Brexit

After 10 months of negotiations, the EU and U.K. reached an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. Important as this agreement is, after 31 December 2020 the transition period following Brexit ends meaning that the UK is no longer part of the EU internal market. 

In summary, most of what was asked by industry in terms of free trade / no tariffs has been accomplished, except the regulatory cooperation on REACH. Also, there will be customs formalities and checks on UK goods entering the EU, with possible border delays. Perstorp has appointed internal working groups to focus on these two areas to secure the business going forward.

Regulatory compliance

One impact of the Trade Agreement between the EU and UK is double regulation and no data sharing between the UK and ECHA. As an EU based manufacturer, Perstorp importing into the UK must have a valid UK REACH registration. Perstorp Regulatory Affair team is working according to the schedule provided by UK Government to comply with UK REACH regulation. Perstorp will appoint an Only Representative (“OR”) that will manage the registration duty on Perstorp behalf.
Perstorp actions and deadline

Continued trade

One impact of BREXIT, even with the Free Trade Agreement signed, is customs clearance at ports and borders, which makes the transport of goods less smooth. Perstorp is working closely with own and customers’ brokers and transportation partners to mitigate any possible delay during order deliveries.

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