Site Bruchhausen

Location: Arnsberg, Germany

Main products: basic & specialty polyols, formates, formaldehyde

The Bruchhausen site, operated by the legal company Perstorp Chemicals GmbH, is located in the city of Arnsberg, in the Bruchhausen district. Total area is 375 000 square meters of which 90 000 square meters is used for operational business. The site is bordered by residential housing approximately 40 meters to the northwest, a commercial area to the north, agricultural land to the east and the River Ruhr to the south.

Perstorp acquired the Bruchhausen site from Degussa-Hüls in 2000. Production of charcoal, methanol and acetic acid was started in the site in 1876 by "Chemische Fabrik der Hüstener Gewerkschaft". The first formaldehyde plant was built in 1948 and the first Pentaerythritol plant in 1949.

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Perstorp Chemicals GmbH
Postfach 1409/1410, 59704 Arnsberg/
Bruchhausener Strasse 2, 59759 Arnsberg

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Bruchhausen plant

Ines Rhotert

Site Manager Bruchhausen

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Holger Wagner

EHS Manager Site Bruchhausen

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