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An offer of innovative bio-fuels for those who want to make a real sustainable, climate saving difference


Pernilla Blackenfelt
Pernilla Blackenfelt
Product Manager
+46 303 728 877

Bio-diesel is currently the best and most widely available transport fuel for those who want to make a real sustainable, climate saving difference. Perstorp is a leading player, in Scandinavia, in bio-diesels based on RME (Rapeseed Methyl Ester), both in low blend and as a high performance 100% bio-diesel (Verdis Polaris™). Perstorp is also planning to launch a partly non-crop based bio-fuel in the near future.

Perstorp's offer:

Verdis Polaris™ Flora - the classic green one. This 100% clean bio-fuel can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 55% and can be used directly in most diesel vehicles today. Not only is it made from renewables, as a fuel it decomposes quickly in nature, contains no poisons and is very safe in use.

Verdis Polaris™ Aura - the advanced green one, with the same excellent properties as Flora but with even better climate benefits. In addition to containing a base of rapeseed, Verdis Polaris™ Aura contains renewable methanol. It benefits the climate by enabling carbon reduction of over 60%.

RME – Perstorp BXN – is a low bend (5%-7%) renewable bio-fuel ready for mixing with standard diesel, and available for distribution through petrol stations.

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