PerCalc FAQ

Q: How can I get PerCalc?
A: If you are an existing customer you can contact your account manager to discuss the access to PerCalc. PerCalc is for customers only. 

Q: Can I use PerCalc on any device?
A: PerCalc is developed for Google Chrome and Explorer.  

Q: Why do one always have to select an acid value?
A: The PerCalc calculations are based on your selected acid value and this makes it necessary for you to decide this before calculations can start. 

Q: How many products can I add to Product library?
A: There is no limit to the amount of products to be added.

Q: Can you save added products individually in Product library?
A: Yes, but if you upload one file of added products the previously uploaded file will automatically be removed. It is therefore recommended to save all added products in one file which are uploaded each time when you start to use the program. 

Q: What happens if I open a saved batch containing products which are currently not available in Product Library?
A: Information of data of all products in the batch is included in the batch file. You never need to upload/update Product library before uploading a batch.

Q: What happens if the data of products (like molecular weight or functionality) in an old saved batch has been changed since saving the batch?
A: The program will always work with the  data set when the batch was originally created. You can directly start to work the formulation in the program based on original data.

Q: Where can I find my data?
A: Your data is not uploaded anywhere but stored locally on your own device. No files are uploaded to cloud or database.

Q: Can anyone else see my work?
A: The information of your work is saved to local device and needs to be uploaded to PerCalc each time work should be done. No data is saved externally. 

Q: Can I share my work with anyone else?
A: Your work can be saved on your device and saved as a pdf. The pdf is stored on your device and yours to do whatever you see fit.