Faster curing with impressive printing on any surface

For the really challenging printing and coating applications on tricky surfaces with the highest demand on adhesion, low migration and final print quality, Cationic curing is the answer.

But to make your cationic formulation really shine you need the best building blocks giving low viscosity for best end quality and faster curing speed for increased productivity and cost effectiveness. If you are looking to fine-tune performance properties and boost productivity, as a global leader in innovative and sustainable core components for cationic curing, we have the technology and expertise to support you all the way. Applications include 3D printing, food packaging, can coating and shrink sleeves.
Boost performance, productivity and lower your processing costs.

Three key drivers for using cationic curing are:

  1. Product quality and performance – in terms of adhesion on difficult substrates, low shrinkage, hardness, flexibility and chemical resistance
  2. Increase productivity with fast cure, and no oxygen inhibition
  3. Cost-effectiveness including productivity but lowering other processing costs, such as lower energy consumption and no solvent solutions

Our oxetane Curalite™ solutions combine increased reactivity with good diluting power of epoxy resins making processing faster and boosting productivity. They can also improve a formulation’s through-cure, adhesion and chemical resistance. This makes Curalite™ the reactive diluent of choice for difficult printing surfaces where you want to prevent delamination and maintain a high-quality appearance. Curalite™ is also particularly suited for food packaging, as it is safe to use with fewer migration issues and no residual odour.

Finding the right innovation partner with the expertise to fine-tune properties, develop new cationic formulas and even help you to lower your carbon footprint can save you valuable time, differentiate your offer and increase your business potential. Perstorp is that partner with in-depth insight and expertise in cationic curing plus offering exciting renewable solutions such as Curalite™Pro.

Informative webinar

Packaging design and cationic curing materials by Paul Kelly, product marketing developer at Perstorp

Cationic curing value chain