Akestra™ - Clearly the way ahead in heat resistant packaging

David Engberg
David Engberg
Product Manager
+46 406 358 865

Perstorp has introduced Akestra™ to the European market recently. Akestra™ is a unique material that offers a sparkling, glass-like appearance but with much better heat resistance and transparency than PET. It is an amorphous alternative for hot-fill packaging where transparency is important and can be used in many applications where high heat resistance is vital. Akestra™ can be combined with up to 80% of recycled PET to increases the performance of PET. Since existing PET-production line can be used, no investments are needed to be able to start production.

The key monomer in Perstorp’s Akestra™ thermoplastic copolyester has been added to (EU) 10/2011 by European Commission. This means that all components in Akestra™ are now on the list of authorized substances for food contact use which proves that Akestra™ is fully safe for use in food packaging.


“Akestra™ is a unique family of plastics that will open up a whole new range of applications for polyesters,” says product manager David Engberg. “It is an excellent choice for demanding applications like hot-fill and hot food serving. We expect it to be used primarily in disposable packaging.”


If you are looking for an innovative solution to make your brand stand out, check out Akestra™. Clearly the way ahead in heat resistant packaging.


Watch our webinar and learn more ->> https://www.perstorp.com/en/news_center/webinars/akestra_new_copolyester/

Akestra Food Safety


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