ProSid™ MI 531: all-round efficiency in CCM preservation

Corn cob mix is a tried and tested form of animal feed. The challenge of feeding high moisture corn is how to keep it hygienic and nutritious for as long as possible. CCM that is not stored and preserved correctly will lose nutritional value and can impact animal performance once mycotoxin or bacteria counts go up.

Safeguard animal performance
ProSid™ Ml 531 is a preservation solution specifically designed for CCM. The special formulation works against yeasts and bacteria. It prevents the growth of mycotoxins because of the reduction of molds. It also retains the nutritional value, which results in higher growth figures and a better feed conversion.

Immediate, long lasting protection
Contrary to inoculants, organic acid based preservatives for CCM offer immediate protection. If they contain propionic acid (like ProSid™ MI 531 does), they also protect the CCM against molds once the clamp is opened and the environment becomes aerobic. ProSid™ Ml 531 contains glycerol esters of propionic acid, which result in much longer protection once the clamp is open.

Key benefits of ProSid™ MI 531:
• Prevent growth of molds, mold related mycotoxins, yeasts and bacteria
• Long lasting effect once the clamp is opened due to esters of propionic acid
• Immediate protection after dosing
• Preserve nutritional value
• Non-ADR/classified as non-corrosive

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