ProSid™ mold inhibitors

ProSid™ MI consist of synergistic blend of organic acids that have proved effective in preventing mold growth in raw materials and compound feed. Preservation of feed with these products provides major advantages including:
  • - inhibition of mold growth
  • - preservation of full nutritional value
  • - prevention of mycotoxin build-up
  • - prolonged feed storage time


The mode of action of ProSid™ MI against mold spoilage in raw materials or feed is supported by various features of the ProSid™ MI products.

Perstorp’s mold inhibitors consist of a synergistical blend of organic acids. The various organic acids all work against different mold species. By using the right blend of organic acids the product has a broad spectrum of activity and preserves your feed in the best possible way.

The dry ProSid™ MI products have, due to the small particle size, a very large surface area. This improves the contact between ProSid™ MI and the raw materials that needs to be preserved. Due to an improved contact between our mold inhibitor and the product that needs to be treated the efficacy of the products is also improved.

To improve the efficacy of the liquid ProSid™ MI products surfactants are added. By adding surfactants to the product, the rapid spread of the product throughout the feed they are applied, is promoted.

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