Application leaflets

Amicult™ K42 is an innovative, carefully engineered fertilizer solution designed to improve crop health and yield.

Download the information leaflet in your preferred language and learn more about how Amicult™ K42 can improve you crop.

Amicult™ K42 overview

Amicult™ K42 is a chloride-free potassium formate-based fertilizer. Thanks to its formula, Amicult™ K42 enhance the absorption of Potassium by plants, both by foliar or root absorption, leading to better and healthier yields.

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Amicult™ K42 for potatoes

The use of Potassium during the growth of potato is essential to ensure a high production and increase the quality of the tubers. Learn more about how to improve potato crop quality and yields with Amicult™ K42 in the application notes.

Download the Amicult™ K42 application leaflet for potatoes in your preferred language: