Curalite UV curing phones
Taking cationic to the next level

Curalite™ Taking cationic to the next level

David Engberg
David Engberg
Product Manager
+46 406 358 865

Curalite™ is our range of Oxetane diluents that bring powerful performance and impressive speed to your cationic UV curing formulations.  Adding Curalite™ Ox dramatically increases the reactivity of your formulation, which in turn boosts the speed of your printing or coating line.

You can even decrease your formulation costs and increase your competitiveness, as you require less photoinitiator with Curalite™.

If you still need extra performance try our Curalite™ OxPlus, which will cure your need for speed as you get up to 15x faster reactivity in formulations. On top of that, you gain from increased through cure and hardness.

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Processing benefits
  1. Up to 15x faster curing speed
  2. Improving through cure and crosslinking density
  3. Compensating for cationic sensitivity to humid air
Performance benefits
  1. Reactive diluent enabling low viscosity formulations
  2. Low odor, safe and non-toxic
  3. Enhancing chemical resistance, hardness, and flexibility
Business benefits
  1. European production – with secure supply and availability of fresh material
  2. Available in various order quantities
  3. Always a fast and reliable supply
  4. Economical formulations as less expensive photoinitiator is needed

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