Fuels additives
Fuel additives

Small enough to care, big enough to satisfy

We offer 2-Ethyl Hexanol (2-EH) for our customers making the cetane improver 2-EH Nitrate (2-EHN). This is an important additive reducing health effects on diesel engine exhaust, through the reduction of NOx emissions.  

Our supply chain performance is world-class. Built around trust and transparency in our relationships we have all the routines in place to ensure we meet your demands on time, wherever you are located. 

It is especially important to have flexible but reliable partners in this competitive segment where Just in Time production places high performance demands on the supply chain.  

Perstorp is a flexible, caring and proactive partner. Reliable and precise in what we supply we are also fully engaged in helping our customers solve their production and logistics issues too. We have the infrastructure and regional facilities to support and satisfy you.  
Products for Fuel additives

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