Development projects

Lars Lind
Lars Lind
Vice President, BU Biofuels
+46 303 728 676

Perstorp is currently active in, and running, a number of very interesting development projects in four areas:

- Biogas-based chemistry
- Ethanol-based chemistry
- Vegetable oil-based chemistry
- Bio-butanol

Increasing demand for bio-based chemical raw materials

Oil and gas have dominated the market as raw materials for the petrochemical industry over the past fifty years – even for Perstorp – because they have been easily accessible and cheap. But the situation is changing and demand for bio-based alternatives is increasing daily. This is partly because using oil, coal and natural gas contributes to an increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, which affects the climate, and partly because more people no longer want to be reliant on oil. 

Extensive experience

This is nothing new to Perstorp. The Perstorp Group has been using biogas raw materials for making chemicals for over 100 years. Being among the first pioneers of methanol-based chemicals, where the methanol is produced through vaporization of wood, Perstorp still had a wood-based ethanol product as late as the 1960s.

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