Lars Lind
Lars Lind
Vice President, BU Biofuels
+46 303 728 676

The core process of Perstorp mainly builds on what to do with synthetic gas, which is a gas consisting of hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide. Synthetic gas can be produced from lots of raw materials, such as natural gas, coal, oil, cellulose and biogas, which can be generated from lots of different kinds of waste.

Perstorp’s aim is to exchange the use of natural gas for renewable methane gas. Methane gas can come in the form of biogas, generated from decomposing slurry, waste or waste products or from bio-methane, generated by vaporizing a biomass. A key component for this is the use of the natural gas pipeline network to transport the green gas.

Perstorp produces oxo alcohols and polyols from synthetic gas, which are used in paints, plastics and many other everyday commodities. Synthetic gas is also very interesting from a fuel perspective, because it can provide hydrogen gas, methanol or synthetic diesel (FT diesel).

A concept study has been carried out of a methanol process for Perstorp’s production facility in Stenungsund built on renewable raw materials, such as biogas. The methanol would then be able to be used as transport fuel, for RME production or in the chemical industry.

Perstorp was one of the initiators for a national competence center center concerning alternative transport fuels; now known as  “f3” and hosted by Chalmers Industry Technology, with a collaboration with partners such as Volvo Trucks, Scania, Preem, and several Universities and Institutes.

Biogas facts

Biogas is methane gas producible by decomposing various organic materials such as food waste, sewage slurry, livestock manure, various crops, sugar beet and glycerin. The decomposition allows bacteria to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins in anaerobic conditions, creating methane gas and CO2, and some other gases. The gases are then purified to become pure methane gas that can replace natural gas in its various applications.

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