Green transport

Verdis Polaris busFastest route to green transport

Our biodiesel family currently includes two products made from Scandinavian rapeseed oil: Verdis Polaris™ Flora and Verdis Polaris™ Aura. Verdis Polaris™ Aura is a new, advanced product that contains renewable methanol. It is produced from raw materials whose origin is 100% fossil free and therefore completely untaxed. Both of these biofuels are sustainable alternatives to fossil diesel and offer many advantages for transport operators who want to provide green transport with minimal environmental impact.

Made in Sweden with the highest quality

Verdis Polaris™ is produced at Perstorp’s plant in Stenungsund. It is nine parts rapeseed oil to one part methanol. Emerging from the process are nine parts biodiesel and one part glycerine. Perstorp is the leading producer of biodiesel in Scandinavia and our plant is one of the most modern and most efficient in Europe. Our process produces a product of high quality that is very well suited to the Scandinavian climate.

Simple to switch to green

Verdis Polaris™ can be used in most diesel engines. Existing heavy and light vehicles are already equipped for this product. Our new biodiesel makes it easy to switch to renewable fuel alternatives for the transport industry as it can be mixed fully with normal diesel. Full guarantees are only provided however when the engine manufacturer has confirmed that you can switch to green transport.

The smart choice for the climate

When you drive on Verdis Polaris™ instead of fossil-based diesel, you will cut your carbon emissions by more than half. This sustainable fuel has many other advantages. It degrades quickly in nature, contains no toxic substances and is not a fire risk as the flammable level is high. By using Verdis Polaris™ today you will be well prepared to meet future demands and guidelines for transport fuels.

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