For best performance

Traffic lightSwitching from fossil fuel to Verdis Polaris™ is easy. Check with the engine manufacturer and then all you need is a few adjustments of hoses and gaskets. Higher costs for maintenance caused by more frequent changes of motor oil and filters will be compensated by lower fuel costs and reduced carbon emissions.


- Store Verdis Polaris™ in tanks designed for biodiesel, six months is the maximum recommended storage period
- Store only in tanks that block out sunlight
- Drain the tanks twice a year
- Equip the storage tank with a water-absorbing filter


- A full guarantee is only provided when the engine manufacturer has given approval for conversion to biodiesel
- Perstorp can guarantee minimum quality of EN14214


- Follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and filter changes
- Inspect the fuel tank continuously


- Verdis Polaris™ dissolves dirt and grease and keeps the engine clean
- Biodiesel may be corrosive for natural rubber
- Paints and varnishes may be damaged by biodiesel
- Verdis Polaris™ is sensitive to extreme cold

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