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Polaris verdis transportThanks to the Perstorp Group's high degree of expertise and extensive experience in producing large-scale specialty chemicals, we can offer a biodiesel of the highest quality.

Verdis Polaris™ expands

2012 Perstorp launched the biodiesel Verdis Polaris™ B100, specially developed for a cold Scandinavian climate. Perstorp is now extending its biodiesel range with Verdis Polaris™ Aura, the first biodiesel in Sweden that has a 100% fossil-free origin. Verdis Polaris™ B100 will now be called Verdis Polaris™ Flora.

High operational reliability

Verdis Polaris™ is a biodiesel for operators who currently run on 100% RME. It is produced at our plant in Stenungsund and is given special treatment to provide optimum operational reliability in our tough Scandinavian climate. The special treatment involves a unique post-treatment process that we alone perform at our plant in Stenungsund.

Unique post-treatment

We have a Swedish patent for this post-treatment process. In simple terms this means we simulate winter and storage to trigger natural precipitation which can then be captured in the production process instead of ending up in the customer’s tanks. By using temperature changes, intervals and advanced filtration in several different stages, we can optimize operational reliability already in the production phase. In this way our customers receive a biodiesel that is as well prepared for the Scandinavian climate as it can be.

Eco-friendly process

The Esterfip-H process provides the best conditions for producing biodiesel of the highest quality. There are many differences between our process (Esterfip-H) and the normal lye process. The lye process uses a liquid catalyst that is mixed in the raw materials and then remains in the products, which must therefore be cleaned before they can be used. The Esterfip-H technique uses a solid catalyst through which the raw materials pass. The emerging product has much higher purity right from the start. The lye process’s products are purified by adding water and various chemicals. There are no other substances involved, so our biodiesel has much lower water content and low levels of metals, phosphor and other impurities. Focused innovation is one of Perstorp’s key mottoes, constantly driving us to develop our products and processes. Verdis Polaris™ is a great example of this.

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