About Verdis Polaris™

Sofia Fagerberg
Sofia Fagerberg
Product Manager BU BioFuels
Verdis Polaris™

Verdis Polaris™ is a specially treated biodiesel for use as a 100% pure bio fuel.


A unique post-treatment process guarantees the highest operational reliability for vehicles in the Scandinavian climate.

New biodiesel for the Scandinavian climate

- Provides simple conversion to green transport
- Sustainable fuel for use in diesel engines
- Up to 60% reduction in carbon emissions
- Best climate impact on the market
- Patented post-treatment process
- From Scandinavia’s leading RME plant in Stenungsund
- Perstorp has 130 years’ experience of esterification

Verdis Polaris™ l Worth comparingBest performanceGreen transportPerstorp’s commitment | Sustainable life cycle

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