Webinar broiler breeding on April 21

Webinar broiler breeding on April 21

On April 21 we will participate in a webinar about Broiler Breeding, organized by World Poultry.

This webinar will focus on unlocking the full potential of the modern broilers genetic traits. Experts from a number of renowned companies will share the latest insights in how to produce the best possible hatching eggs and giving the young broilers an optimum start. We will share information on the nutritional side of the topic, focusing on gut health. Not only will this improve breeder performance, but it will also impact the performance of their offspring in a significant way. The latest insights for optimal gut health management and the benefits offered by tributyrins in this area will be shared.

The webinar will give in depth knowledge in managerial tools on the following aspects:
• The right genetics
• The optimal breeding egg
• The optimal condition of the young broiler chick.

It isn’t possible to register for the webinar yet, so keep an eye out for more information by World Poultry or from one of our channels such as the newsletter, website or social media!

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