The Difference: Mars 2015

The Difference: March 2015







Proving the unmatched efficiency of esterified butyric acid

The technique of esterifying butyric acid has proven to be the most efficient way of creating odorless butyric acid that is released where you want it: in the gut. The only common alternative is coated sodium butyrate. Dozens of these products can be found on the market, with varying concentrations of butyrate. Too often products with such a coating still suffer from the butyric acid smell. If these problems are solved with high contents of fat coatings efficiency problems occur. The quantity of the active molecules in these high coated products is simply too low, leaving you with a less than optimal butyric acid solution.

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The Asian Evolution

The Asian Evolution

The increasing average wealth in Asia is associated with an increased appetite for animal protein. The Asian continent accounts for the largest compound feed production and is still continuously growing. Associated with this growth is the emphasis on hygiene and efficiency in the production chain. As a basic producer of organic acids, we have been playing a key role in the Asian market for preservation of raw materials and finished feed for years. The market however is evolving and so are we.

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The post-CLP mold inhibition landscape

The mold inhibition landscape is experiencing some radical changes. Many end-user of organic acid based mold inhibitors or preservatives will no longer be allowed to use the product that they have been working with in the past. On June 1 we will enter the last phase of CLP implementation. This reclassification of all preparations means that a high percentage of the mold inhibitors that are available on the market today will become classified as ADR Dangerous Goods with regard to transportation and corrosive with regard to handling of the products. Of course suppliers of acid-based preservatives haven’t been sitting still since the new legislation was announced. Let’s have a look at today’s mold inhibitor landscape to shed some light on the situation and the alternatives that are available.

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Interview with Frank Blom

Could you please introduce yourself?

Frank Blom, EHSQ manager Perstorp Waspik. I am married and have 2 children. A son of 25 years and a daughter of 23 years old. I like sports: I swim and play tennis and hockey every week. I played hockey at a high level for 10 years and later on I was coach of several teams in which my children played. I studied chemical engineering and have several certificates for the branches in which I worked.

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