Multi-purpose acid plant operational

Multi-purpose acid plant operational

Our multi-purpose acid plant dedicated to the production of butyric acid, propionic acid and valeric acid is now ready for full scale production. You may have already read about this investment in 'the difference' last year. Not even a year later the plant with a maximum capacity of 50-60 kilotons per year is up and running at our Stenungsund production site in the South-West of Sweden.

Perstorp’s butyric acid is pure n-butyric acid and is used as a chemical intermediate for feed additives, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. The most famous characteristic of pure n-butyric acid is its pungent rancid smell. We esterify our butyric acid for use as a feed additive, which makes the product much more pleasant to handle. The esterified glycerol esters of butyric acid are marketed as ProPhorce™ SR. An additional effect of esterification is a slow release of the butyric acid in the animal’s intestine where it is most beneficial.

Patricia Oddshammar, recently appointed VP of Perstorp Feed & Food says “butyric acid is a very welcome addition to the range of organic acids and salts of organic acids that we produce for the agricultural industry. Having in-house large scale production of butyric acid allows us to stay on track with the growth ambitions we have for ProPhorce™ SR”.

Perstorp has been one of the biggest producers of propionic acid for decades. The new plant allows us to be much more flexible in the allocation of production capacity between various organic acids. Propionic acid is well established as a mold inhibitor for feeds and grains. The valeric acid that is produced by the new plant will primarily be used for plasticizers.

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