Practical guidelines

Practical guidelines dEB

- Analyze both lactation and gestation feed on sodium, potassium, chloride, inorganic sulphur (total sulphur minus sulphur from methionine and cysteine).
- Calculate dEB value.
  dEB=[Na/0,023] + [K/0,039] – [Cl/0,035] – [S-inorg./(0,032/2)]
- Optimize the difference of gestation and lactation feeds by:
                  - optimizing the raw materials as much as possible within the set conditions.
                  - fine-tuning dEB in gestation feed with ProPhorce™ AC 299 (0,1% inclusion equals 15 mEq/kg).
                  - the optimal difference should be 50-100 mEq/kg in favor of gestation feed.
- Follow the reproductive figures during several litters and be sure to compare the work of supporting at birth, checking litters and individual piglets, before and after optimization to come to a correct economic evaluation.