The Difference - April 2014

The Difference - a new name for our business unit, use dEB to prevent MMA in sows and more

The Difference Q1 2014

Perstorp Feed & Food: a new name for a familiar face

As of March 1 our Business Unit within Perstorp has a different name. We are no longer called Perstorp Performance Additives but will now be called Perstorp Feed & Food. This new name is the result of a new organizational structure that completely integrates the teams at all offices and production locations around the globe that are involved with the feed and food business.

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The easiest way to improve Ca-metabolism

Modern production sows are burdened with an enormous task. Giving birth to and suckling a full litter of piglets already takes a lot out of them, but then modern animal husbandry ups the ante with improved genetics resulting in an increased number of piglets per partus. And we are not stopping there! In addition to optimizing the number of piglets per farrowing we are also looking for ways to improve the number of partusses per sow per year. One tool that we can use to make our sow’s life a little bit easier is making sure that gestation and lactation feeds have optimized dietary electrolyte balance (dEB) to ensure optimal calcium availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a new returning item in 'The Difference'. For this issue we asked our sales managers for questions they receive often and selected the two from them. Feel free to contact us if you have such a question that you like to have addressed!
This issues questions are:
- Can a mold inhibitor sanitize the feed/raw material?
- What is the difference between glycerol esters of butyric acid and coated salts of butyric acid?

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Interview with Patricia Oddshammar

Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Patricia Oddshammar and I am the new VP of Perstorp's Business Unit Feed & Food. I was born on a horse farm in the Southern parts of Sweden. I studied economics at Uppsala University with the intention of becoming a Derivate Trader, but towards the end of my education I found myself working at establishing organic certification programs around the globe instead. It gave me taste for the international arena and sooner than later I had landed in the US.

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Upcoming events
Take the opportunity to meet us in person. We look forward to meeting you at these select events:

April 19-20 2014 China Feed Expo in Shenyang, China

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