Perstorp Feed & Food: a new name for a familiar face

Perstorp Feed & Food: a new name for a familiar face

As of March 1 our Business Unit within Perstorp has a different name. We are no longer called Perstorp Performance Additives but will now be called Perstorp Feed & Food. This new name is the result of a new organizational structure that completely integrates the teams at all offices and production locations around the globe that are involved with the feed and food business.  

Our business unit also has a new VP: Patricia Oddshammar. Marie Grönborg, our previous VP is now a part of the Perstorp Management Team and she is making sure that Feed & Food coninues to be a focus area for Perstorp's top management.

Patricia says about the reorganization: “The Business Unit Feed & Food has been living up to the ambitious goals we have set and there are even higher expectations for this Business Unit moving forward. I believe this new structure will enable us to cooperate more efficiently towards realizing these goals, and it will allow us to manage further growth effectively and to focus even more on customer requirements”.

The entire Perstorp group has been restructured to improve customer focus. The new structure means that we will work much closer with colleagues that are working in the same field but at different Perstorp locations in order to meet customer demands. This means that you will notice less and less that our products are coming from different production locations for example.

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