The Difference - December 2013

The Difference - December 2013

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Over 50 years of improving silage quality

There is a long tradition of using acid based silage additives in Northern Europe. Initially only formic acid was used. We have produced formic acid at site Perstorp since the fifties and have sold it for the purpose of ensiling since the 1960s. Realizing the great benefits of using acid based silage additives, we also started to blend propionic acid (another product that is manufactured at site Perstorp) into the silage additives to increase the performance of the products. The most recent innovation sees the salts of these organic acids used to buffer silage additives for safer handling and easier transport.

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5 tips for succesful weaning

5 tips for successful weaning

Imagine this: you have recently become a parent. It’s a beautiful baby. Let’s say a baby boy. I’m sure you would give him the best care possible: a nice and warm room with a clean bed to sleep in. Clean diapers every few hours, and milk to feed him whenever he asks for it. And then, after 3 weeks, you decide to switch the diet from milk to potatoes and meat. I know you are thinking this is impossible and wrong, right? You are correct, it is impossible. Weaning simply can’t be rushed. Let’s keep this thought in mind and think about the way we look at the weaning process in piglets. Most piglets are weaned between 3 and 4 weeks of age, which is very soon, but until now the most economical solution.

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ProTain™ first to change to CLP labeling

Since December 1, 2010 all substances have to be registered under REACH and the products must be labeled according to the CLP (Classification Labeling and Packaging) legislation. Preparations and mixtures of feed additives, need to comply with the CLP regulation from 1 June 2015.

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Interview with John Zhao

Could you please introduce yourself?

It is a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview. I am John Zhao. My Chinese name is Hu, which means Tiger. I have been working for Perstorp as sales manager in China for 4 months now. I got my master’s degree in animal nutrition from SDAU 5 years ago. In my spare time I like to swim and play tennis. I also enjoy travelling.

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