Interview with John Zhao

Interview with John Zhao

Could you please introduce yourself?

It is a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview. I am John Zhao. My  Chinese name is Hu, which means Tiger. I have been working for Perstorp as sales manager in China for 4 months now. I got my master’s degree in animal nutrition from SDAU 5 years ago. In my spare time I like to swim and play tennis. I also enjoy travelling.


Where did you work before your current position?
I have worked in the feed additives business since I graduated 5 years ago. My study in college was about mycotoxins, and it was sponsored by a US-based company. After graduating I started working in the technical support department for their local agent (Naseco Shanghai). In the 3 years I worked there I got to travel around china and learn the situation of animal husbandry in different areas of China.

Because my study in college was about mycotoxins and sponsored by company (Amlan US), I worked for its agency(Naseco Shanghai) for 3 years as technical support after my graduation  and was responsible for technical support. That job gave me chance to travel around China and learn the situation of animal husbandry in different areas of China.

In the 2 years after that I worked for Kemira as area sales manager in the Northern part of China. 

What do you like about your job?
I really like my job now. In my last job I was a part of introducing a new brand in China. Now Perstorp is a new brand for Chinese customers too. I have the chance to participate in all the items which one new brand will meet. This is nice for my career.

The products Perstorp sell in China are similar to the ones I worked with before. I know where our potential customers and distributors are. It will be easy for me to start our business.

People and government in China are paying more attention to pollution and food safety these days. There will be more demand for our kind of feed additives in the future. My job: introducing and selling our products will be more meaningful for our society.

What kind of goals do you want to achieve with Perstorp?
If life is a journey, I think my job is a journey too. My expectation for Perstorp is that our business will be popular like other famous international corporations in China.

Could you tell us something about the industry you're in and how you see its future?
I am working in the feed industry. Feed companies in China are my main customers.

The consumers in China need our feed companies to provide more efficient and safer feed. It will lead our customers to look for new materials and technology. This shift in demand happened years ago in Europe. And Perstorp did nice job at that moment. I think products and technology from Perstorp have a nice future in China.

What are your goals and means to bring your family and company forward in the future?
I married last year and had my first baby in this year. It meant a lot to me when my identity was transformed from bachelor to husband, and then from husband to father. It gave me a lot of opportunity to think when I watched my baby. I have a lot of goals for my family. And it is the same with my work. I was a salesman before, just focusing on sales planning. But now, there are many things in this job for me to do. It requires more thinking and more planning. Achieving the goal and making the dream come true will be a most happy moment for me.

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