The Difference - October 2013

The Difference - October 2013

5 ways to upgrade feed 

For a long time antibiotics have covered up a lot of the bacterial threats in animal husbandry. Antibiotics are not only used to tackle bacterial threats, but also for their growth promoting effect. However, the debate on the reduction of the systematic use of antibiotics in Europe presents challenges to the industry. The feed industry today is under constant pressure to keep improving feed in order to boost animal performance and limit the amount of harmful bacteria in the feed. Here are a few pointers on how to optimize your feed for antibiotic free animal husbandry:

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Trial: sodium formate for heat stressed layers

Heat stress occurs when birds experience difficulties in achieving a balance between body heat production and body heat loss. This means that birds are not capable of maintaining a constant body temperature without additional efforts. Heat stress interferes with the birds’ comfort and suppresses production. One way to help the birds cope with heat stress is electrolyte supplementation. In Egypt a study carried out by the National Research Center investigated the response of laying hens to different dosages of sodium formate under heat stress conditions. Its findings underlined the benefits of sodium formate in hot weather conditions.

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Strengthening of Perstorp’s feed additives division 

In order to cope with the current rapid growth we have appointed three new colleagues in three different geographical locations over the past few months. Their addition to our company strengthens our sales and technical support departments. 

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Interview with Elmar Scharfen

Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Elmar Scharfen. I am from Paderhorn, Germany. I am 41 years old and have been an independent farmer since 1995. I run the farm together with my wife and 3 employees. We have 500 sows, 5000 fattening pigs and 160 hectares of arable farmland where we build our own crops including CCM. Another part of the company focuses on renewable energy via solar and wind.

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