Agrivaknet discusses antibiotic reduction

Agrivaknet discusses antibiotic reduction

On June 12 representatives of our feed additives division spoke at the Agrivaknet annual meeting. Perstorp was invited to give a view on the subject of government policy on antibiotic use in the Netherlands and how to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production. Agrivaknet is an independent association of consultants in animal husbandry in The Netherlands.

In order to combat the emergence of multi resistant bacteria (MRSA), the Dutch government banned the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in 2006. Currently work is in progress to reach the new target of a 70% reduction of the therapeutic use of antibiotics by 2015. In order to reach these goals professionals in animal production need to explore different ways to keep animals healthy and productive.

As antibiotics are no longer used as growth promoters in the Netherlands, their main use now is to help animals cope with infections. At Agrivaknet Perstorp explained our solutions that aim to prevent these infections all together. Additives that prevent infections can be used to reduce the use of curative antibiotics. Perstorp was invited to speak about the matter because we are a basic producer of several organic acids that are known to have an antibacterial effect and we have been researching these antibacterial effects since the 1980’s. Helping the animals by reducing the infection pressure of pathogens via feed or drinking water can prevent infections and thereby reduce antibiotic use. On the other hand, supplying a good diet with correct nutrition can also help the ability of animals to resist a certain infection pressure. In Perstorp’s ProPhorce™ range products are available to reduce the infection pressure as well as the new butyrin formulas which supply butyric acid. Butyric acid is a well known energy source for the cells in the gut wall.

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