Welcome to the new perstorp.com

Welcome to the new perstorp.com

New technology, a new structure and a new design - the new perstorp.com has been given a major overhaul and is now ready for visitors. The new website unites all of Perstorp’s businesses under one roof. As a consequence Perstorpfeed.com will cease to exist as a separate website. The URL will refer to the feed and food part of Perstorp.com instead.


“After a lot of effort from the entire project team, I'm really proud to introduce the new perstorp.com to the world,” says Cecilia Nilsson, Perstorp’s Communication Director and the project’s sponsor. “This new site has been long awaited and we hope that its functionalities, content and graphic design will meet visitors’ requirements, and at the same time be really appealing!”


The structure of the new website is based on the market segments that Perstorp has chosen to invest in, to make it easier for customers to find the right products with the right qualities and to be consistent in how Perstorp presents itself. The Careers section has been improved and hopefully the greater number of Perstorpers’ contact details will make it easier to get in touch with the right person at the company.


“This really is a completely new website. On a technical note we have upgraded to the latest recommended version of the SiteCore content management system. We chose SiteCore for its ability to meet modern demands and because it’s a stable, supported technical platform for future development,” says Hillevi Fransson, IT Application Portfolio Manager and project manager for the new website. “The new technical platform also provides significantly improved options for adapting the message and content of the site to visitors in a range of interest areas, or specific market segments.”


“The biggest change of all is that with this new website we are getting away from having several websites in the Group to having a single, segmented site that provides customers with all the information they need – www.perstorp.com,” says Cecilia.


“The new website and content management system are a big step forward for us, as is the integration of perstorpfeed in Perstorp.com” says Tony Toebak, Market Communications Manager and responsible for migrating perstorpfeed.com to the new Perstorp.com. “The new website is much better optimized for new tools such as social media and viewing on mobile devices. The new platform also allows us to share more information about specific products than the previous set-up.”


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