The Difference - May 2013

The Difference - May 2013

Molds and mycotoxins: prevention is key 

Prevention of molds and mycotoxins is of major importance. The WHO estimates that yearly 25% of all crops produced worldwide are contaminated with mycotoxins caused by molds. Mycotoxins cause serious problems in modern animal husbandry. First sign of contaminated feed with molds and mycotoxins is reduced feed intake because of a loss of palatability. At a later stage there are of signs of lower fertility, lower immune responses and a decline in technical results.

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Welcome to the new

New technology, a new structure and a new design - the new has been given a major overhaul and is now ready for visitors. The new website unites all of Perstorp’s businesses under one roof. As a consequence will cease to exist as a separate website. The URL will refer to the feed and food part of instead.

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Product spotlight ProMyr™ IQ 700 

ProMyr™ IQ 700 is a new type of product belonging to the ProMyr™ product family. Unlike the well-known buffered acid-based silage additives, ProMyr™ IQ 700 is a mixture of different salts. As such it is non-corrosive and also particularly effective at spreading evenly throughout the treated product. ProMyr™ IQ 700 is designed for bales, but is also suitable for ensilage in bunker silos.  

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Cecilia Nilsson

Interview with Cecilia Nilsson

Could you please introduce yourself?
“I’m Cecilia Nilsson, the Communication Director of Perstorp, and I have been with the Group for slightly more than 14 years. In my job I like the great flexibility that I have – both in terms of what my working days consist of and how I can plan the activities that should be conducted. I also like being part of a global Group, giving me opportunities to develop and grow as well as giving me challenges. The people I work with in the daily business and in different projects mean a lot to me!”.

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