Interview with Cecilia Nilsson

Interview with Cecilia Nilsson

Cecilia NilssonCould you please introduce yourself?
“I’m Cecilia Nilsson, the Communication Director of Perstorp, and I have been with the Group for slightly more than 14 years.”

What do you like about your job?
“I like the great flexibility that I have – both in terms of what my working days consist of and how I can plan the activities that should be conducted. I also like being part of a global Group, giving me opportunities to develop and grow as well as giving me challenges. The people I work with in the daily business and in different projects mean a lot to me!”

Perstorp has launched a new website. What were the reasons for doing this?
“The former web site was outdated from both technical and functional perspective, and it was not totally correct from a visual identity view either. People for example meeting Perstorp at an exhibition frankly said that when meeting Perstorp on the web, they did not recognize the company. Perstorp also had a number of different web sites for different parts of our products as well as the regions we are active in, making it harder to benefit from synergies in the web presence  and also harder to build a strong brand.”

What are the biggest advantages of the new
“I would say it is two things – the new web content management system that is a modern platform which gives us possibilities to further develop our digital presences and the fact that we now have one common web for the entire Group. These two things will certainly safeguard our work to be focused innovative on the internet.”

What does it mean for visitors looking for feed additives?
“Some things will be totally new, others will be just the same as before. For example the web address will be exactly the same and also the possibility to login to the feed additives extranet for further information. At the same time it will be a totally new web site with new graphics, new navigation and a new structure. Another difference is that Perstorp products will be visible at the new site, including all our chemical products. We hope that the new site will be easy to navigate and intuitive meaning that all visitors will find what they are looking for.”

Last year Perstorp became active in social media. How was the introduction?
“It was OK, no big bang but that was not our intention. As a B2B company it is not that easy to gain many likes as if you are a B2C company. However, we see a constant increase of followers on the different channels we are using: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”

Is there anything else you would like to mention in this interview?
“I’m looking forward to welcome our feed additives customers to the Group’s new website and would really appreciate any feedback that you might want to share. This only helps us getting better!”

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