Three reasons to order your grain preservatives in time

To make sure that molds and mycotoxins don’t get a chance it is recommended to dose an acid preservative immediately after harvest. Here are 3 reasons why you should not postpone ordering your acid preservative:

1: Improve your harvest window
That last bit of growth of your grain can be sped up by favorable weather conditions. If you don’t have your acid preservative when harvest is ready, you may want to postpone harvesting. When you have it on stock this can never be a complicating factor in your already complex planning during harvesting season.

2: Order now and win a pH meter
The first 10 people who send us a copy of their receipt from purchasing ProSid™ MI 700 will receive a nice pH meter delivered to their farm. Just scan or take a picture of the receipt or other proof of purchase and e-mail it to the contact on the right side of the page with subject line ‘ProSid™ MI 700 pH meter’, and we’ll make sure the first 10 people receive a pH meter. Make sure to include the postal address where you want us to send the pH meters to in your mail so we know where you’d like it to go*.

3: Avoid getting in the back of the line

More often than not all grains in your region are harvested around the same time. More often than not farmers will order their acid preservatives shortly before or after harvest. The result: your local retailers receive a year’s worth of orders in a matter of weeks. So do their suppliers. A recipe for shortage, out of stock suppliers and late deliveries. So if you don’t want to be waiting at the back of the line at the propionic acid solutions cash register: order a few weeks before you harvest to ensure timely delivery.

* we will not use your information for anything unrelated to this promotion.

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