Field trial with sows in Poland

A field trial was conducted in Poland at a local farm. The farmer had DanAvl sows. 

Method & Materials  
The trial was run in six groups, of which 3 were control groups and 3 were test groups. The sows were divided in the two treatment groups at random. In each group there were 30 sows.

The first treatment group received the control diet without any butyric acid source. The second treatment group received the same diet with addition of ProPhorce SR 130 over the top of the feed once a day, 13 grams/day. Both groups received the same feed and management schedules.

All performance and reproductive data were monitored during the lactation period. The sows body condition was measured after weaning. Gilts were not taken into account for these measurements.



Performance results at weaning Control ProPhorce™ SR Diff.
Nº sows 85 97 -
Live born piglets / sow 15.82 16.14 -
Piglet stillborn / sow 2.35 2.06 -
Mortality at weaning 6.77% 6.74% -0.03%
Piglets per sow weaned 12.75 12.90 +0.15
Ave. Final weight (kg) 6.70 7.02 +320 gr.
Empty days 5.36 4.62 -0.74



Addition of ProPhorce SR delivered:

  • Improved amount of piglets weaned per sow per litter
  • A higher average weight of the piglets at weaning, ±300 grams
  • A shorter interval to insemination