Interim report for Q3 2021

Perstorp Holding AB (Publ.) parent company for world leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp today announces its Q3 report 2021.

Record high EBITDA and EBITDA margin

Sales amounted to SEK 3,528 m (2,111), a 67% increase consisting of +58% sales prices, +9% volumes and no FX effects. EBITDA excluding non-recurring items amounted to SEK 745 m (185) with a margin of 21.1% (8.8) – the highest EBITDA in absolute amount and EBITDA margin ever in Perstorp’s history for continuing operations. Continued solid free cash flow generation of SEK 424 m (257). Available funds amounted to SEK 2,527 m (1,151) at the end of the period, and we continued to successfully defend and improve margins over and above increased variable cost.

“This record performance was driven by strong demand with increased volumes in all regions, EMEA, Americas and APAC, and from most end-user segments, with favorable market dynamics for both Intermediates and Specialties. We also continue to see positive results from the hard work of implementing the new strategy throughout our entire company”, says Perstorp President & CEO Jan Secher in the President’s Comments in the Q3 report. He continues:

“We are committed to develop, customize and innovate new exciting offers to the market, aligned with our Mission; to make us grow and future proof this company for the next 140 years as a sustainable solutions provider.”

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