New ProPhorce™ Valerins research presented at ESPN

ProPhorce™ Valerins (patent pending) are glycerol esters of valeric acid that have demonstrated to improve animal performance and gut balance. Valeric acid is the last of the short chain fatty acids to be tested in animal diets.
The trial clearly demonstrates the efficacy of a diet with strategically timed additions of esters of butyric acid (ProPhorce™ SR) and esters of valeric acid (ProPhorce™ Valerins).

ProPhorce™ Valerins is the latest innovation by Perstorp in the field of animal nutrition with several patents pending. It consists of glycerol esters of valeric acid. A new research trial has demonstrated that strategically timed additions of glycerol esters of valeric acid significantly improve broiler performance even when compared to industry standards such as butyric acid. ADG of the Ross 308 male broilers improved with 2.9 grams per day on average at 42 days compared to control. This added performance of 4.5% additional growth could translate to 100.000 Euro added profit per million birds for an integrator. These and other results were presented as the European Symposium for Poultry Nutrition in Gdansk, Poland June 13-15 by research partner Marta I. Gracia from Imasde Agroalimentaria, S.L..
Valeric acid (C5) is the last of the short chain fatty acids to be explored for its benefits in animal nutrition. It is naturally produced by gut microbiota. Research has shown that valeric acid may help reduce harmful pathogens and help maintain gut flora equilibrium. 
Glycerol esters of organic acids have the benefit of getting the acid into the intestinal tract intact. Valeric acid has demonstrated to support gut balance. Perstorp was the first company to launch this innovative new molecule and is the only company researching its effectiveness. 
José M Ros, Business Development Manager for Perstorp Animal Nutrition in charge of the trials, said “It has been decades since a new organic acid was researched for its benefits in animal nutrition. We continue to progress our understanding of this fascinating molecule in leaps and bounds. Earlier data indicated optimal effectivity of ProPhorce™ Valerins when dosed between day 14 and 28. During this period enteric dysbiosis often challenges broilers performance. This trial confirms the benefits of timing the addition this way and showed that ProPhorce™ Valerins reinforces butyric acid in the broiler’s grower phase. I believe this is because ProPhorce™ Valerins has the benefit of helping to maintain optimal gut balance while supporting the animal through the critical stages of growth”.
Valeric acid molecule Valeric acid is one of the important organic acids produced by fermentation in the intestinal tract of animals and humans, and is the key component of ProPhorce™ Valerins, which has demonstrated to improve animal performance and gut balance. 

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