Sharpen your sustainability Pro-Environment Polyols

Switching from mineral oils to POE (polyol ester) base oils for synthetic lubricant formulations is already a safer and better environmental (biodegradable) choice. Now you can go one step further with the world’s first renewable and part-renewable polyols for POE base oils from Perstorp.

Perstorp was the first to introduce Pro-Environment Polyols (Voxtar™) and has a strong portfolio of acids for synthetic lubricants. The company is now extending its market lead with the introduction of several new pro-environment grades for POE and lubricant producers. With no loss in efficiency, safety or other performance criteria these pro-environment polyols give POE formulators an instant opportunity to sharpen their sustainability profile. This major environmental advantage can then be passed onto customers and through the lubricant value chain helping to differentiate lubricants towards consumers.      

Recently launched the new Perstorp range of Pro-Environment Polyols includes renewable and part renewable grades of Penta, TMP and Neo under the product brands Voxtar™, Evyron™ and Neeture™. As drop-in solutions, they immediately make a sustainable impact on polyol ester base oils achieving significant environmental savings, on top of the opportunity to make the switch away from fossil-based mineral oils. Perstorp is keen to support POE producers to go the route of pro-environment polyols by offering support in fine-tuning formulations that are engineered to meet specific performance criteria. 

Andreas Nilsson, Market Segment Manager for Synthetic Lubricants at Perstorp highlights: “Perstorp already has the largest portfolio of polyols for synthetic lubricants. The addition of our new Pro-Environment Polyols gives POE producers the opportunity to improve their sustainability profile overnight”.

Making a sustainable difference

Converting fossil based polyols to renewable polyols can and will make a significant difference to our planet. The potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the polyol part of POEs by up to 80% makes a substantial contribution to POE and lubricant producers’ sustainability profiles. Consumer pressure and OEMs desire to sharpen their environmental profile means that POE formulators can now differentiate their products environmentally as well as on performance. Switching to pro-environment polyols is good for business, and good for the planet. 

Switching to certified renewables is easy 

Perstorp’s renewable and part renewable polyols are all ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified under the Mass Balance concept, which confirms sustainable sourcing and the contribution towards CO2 reduction of the certified molecules. Since the new Pro-Environment Polyols – Voxtar™, Evyron™ and Neeture™ - are chemically identical to existing fossil-based Penta, TMP and Neo, switching is easy and risk-free. In effect, POE producers can drop-in the pro-environment polyols but with the advantage of achieving a much lower carbon footprint. 

Partnering for a more sustainable future

Perstorp currently devotes 80% of its R&D resources to finding innovative sustainable solutions, and all its Swedish plants will be running solely on renewable electricity in 2018. The new Pro-Environment Polyols are part of the company’s “we only have one planet” initiative as expressed by Jan Secher, CEO Perstorp Group: “Perstorp’s new pro-environment portfolio is a great example of how we intend to work towards our ambition to become Finite Material Neutral. It’s a tough ambition, but we have to do it. There is no plan B because we only have one planet.”

The company is committed to helping POE producers develop fine-tuned solutions for their different synthetic lubricant demands and challenges. Through this, the company hopes to speed up the adoption of Pro-Environment Polyols and improve the environmental footprint throughout the synthetic lubricant value chain. 

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