Announcing name change of low-carbon runway deicer

Perstorp has taken the decision to rename its more environmentally friendly deicer for airport runways from Nordway to Pergrip™ Run, strengthening its Pergrip-branded range of deicers

Pergrip Run effectively deices runways, ensures safe take offs and landings even in the harshest of weather, while minimising harmful effects to the environment. It enables airports to lower their deicer related carbon footprint by up to 65 percent, it is biodegradable, and minimises corrosion to airplanes.

Pergrip Run can be offered as a Potassium Formate based liquid or as a Sodium Formate based granulate. Formate based deicers have the lowest chemical oxygen demand (COD) compared with other organic deicers. This means less stress on the aquatic ecosystem.

Pergrip is supported by the knowledge, experience and scale Perstorp has achieved by being the global leader in the production and supply of Potassium and Sodium Formate. In addition, a specialised runway deicer supply chain has been created together with best-in-class logistics partners, ensuring smooth and continuous runway operations. Perstorp’s runway deicers have already become the deicers of choice for many leading airports in Europe thanks to their high performance and low environmental impact.

“Perstorp has long been a pioneer in the development of innovative Formate solutions”, said Erik Himmer, Business Development Manager, Perstorp. “We believe our airport customers should not have to compromise between deicing performance and the environment. With Pergrip Run we are able to offer a runway deicer which combines a uniquely low carbon footprint with efficient deicing, which benefits both airport operations and the nature.”

Pergrip Run is designed to meet or exceed both local and international regulations for runway deicers and can be tailored to meet airports’ specific needs. Substituting less environmentally friendly deicing solutions with Pergrip Run is a convenient route to increased sustainability.

Pergrip™ is the property of the Perstorp Group.
Pergrip™ is a registered TM in many countries and is the property of the Perstorp Group.

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