Feedpreservation.com: new technical online platform for farmers

Feedpreservation.com: new technical online platform solely about preserving feed and forage. Regular updates with technical information and hands-on advice.

Did you know that a salt based mold inhibitor can react with an organic acid based product? Or that beer and silage have a lot in common? You can find why that is and much more on www.feedpreservation.com: a brand new technical online platform focusing solely on the how and why of preservation of animal nutrition.

Feedpreservation.com focuses on preservation in the widest sense of the word. You can expect content about:

  • mold inhibition
  • mycotoxin prevention
  • feed hygiene
  • silage & TMR preservation
  • and much more! 

Visit www.feedpreservation.com for yourself to see for yourself! Like what you see? Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on all important updates.

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