Perstorp now to offer advanced dosing equipment with acid portfolio

Perstorp offers a new solution where a broad range of organic acid based additives can be combined with highly accurate dosing equipment. This unique combination, called Perstorp Perfect Mixx.

Perstorp Perfect Mixx, can help to;

  • optimize pellet quality
  • maintain the quality and safety of the feed
  • improve gut health and animal performance and results on the farm in general

“One of the most interesting elements of the Perfect Mixx solution is the Cibodoz. This dosing equipment can be used with different organic acid based additives, enabling feed quality and animal performance,” remarked Marc Kinjet, Perstorp’s Director Preservation. “This unique machine enables more precise dosage of organic acids, simultaneous dosing of water and acids, dosing of more than one additive and precise mechanical calibration. The Cibodoz is a robust machine that is easy to use, clean and maintain.”

All liquid organic acid based additives can be dosed with the Cibodoz, however Perstorp recommends to use solutions using esterified organic acids for optimal results. Esterified organic acids have many benefits, not the least of which is its surface tension reducing properties which promote a perfect homogenous spread across the feed for optimal reliability. Marc Kinjet: “ProSid™ Pellet Pro for example is a solution that uses the properties of esterified organic acids to their full advantage. You dose it alongside water to standardize the water content of your feed pellets. This makes sure that this optimal moisture balance does not result in an increased chance of mold formation. The result of combining ProSid™ Pellet Pro with the Cibodoz dosing equipment is a balanced moisture content and increased feed quality.”

Perstorp has a long history in developing organic acid based additives and pioneering new molecules and technologies. The many benefits that organic acids can offer are well documented. Organic acid based additives can help achieve better results in feed hygiene, gut health, mold inhibition and moisture balance. For each of these purposes Perstorp has products available that use esterified organic acids.

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Perstorp Perfect Mixx