Pevalen™ obtains FDA compliance for food contact applications

Perstorp has obtained independent expert opinion advising that its Pevalen™ non-phthalate PVC plasticizer can be used in important food contact applications in the USA. The advice, from an international law firm that has expert knowledge in food contact legislation, says that Pevalen is suitable for use at levels up to 32% in PVC intended to produce conveyor belts and gloves used in meat and poultry processing facilities, as well as in tablecloths.

  • Pevalen™ can now be used in the USA in important food processing applications
  • Preparations are on-going to obtain additional FDA approvals
  • Perstorp will discuss the development at PVC 2017 conference (Brighton, UK on April 25-27)

In a letter to Perstorp, the law firm wrote:

“Based on the information you have provided, as well as other publicly available information and data, it is our opinion that sufficient scientific evidence supports the conclusion that the intended uses of the Pevalen™ are GRAS [Generally Regarded As Safe] and that Pevalen™ may be lawfully used as intended without obtaining prior approval from, or notifying, FDA.”

“This is an important development, especially as true non-phthalate plasticizers are increasingly in demand for food contact applications,” says Dr. David Bray, Vice President – BU Plasticizers at Perstorp. “We shall soon be applying for FDA approval for the use of Pevalen™ in a wider range of uses. This GRAS notification will enable us to enter the US market for food contact applications in PVC ahead of FDA approval.”

Perstorp executives will be on hand to discuss Pevalen™ and its use in various applications at the PVC 2017 conference taking place in Brighton, UK on April 25-27. The company is sponsoring the welcome reception and Anders Magnusson, Technical Market Development Manager for Plasticizers at Perstorp, will give a presentation on April 27 at 11.30 hrs.

Pevalen™ (chemical name pentaerythritol tetravalerate, PETV) is already used in numerous close-to-consumer applications that do not involve food contact.

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