ProMyr™ TMR launched at EuroTier 2016

At the EuroTier Perstorp showed that focused innovation can change the norm in preservation. One of the innovations presented is the ProMyr™ TMR-product line. This line, based on organic acids, solves a long-lasting problem of declining feed consumption when the temperature of the feed is rising.

Raising the bar
Perstorp introduced four new formulas of TMR preservatives in their ProMyr™ TMR range. “Total Mixed Rations are well known in the market. But we have raised the bar in this field. The new formulas meet the demands of the farmers. We see growing numbers of farmers coping with lower feed intake as the temperature of feed rises. Mixing ProMyr™ TMR with (TMR) feed lowers the temperature of the feed and improves the feed intake of the cattle. In our new product line we improve the formulations of our TMR’s based on practical research” states Marc Kinjet, Perstorp Feed & Food Portfolio Director Preservation.

Matching formulations
Marc Kinjet continues “the formulas of the new ProMyr™ TMR match the most common feed compositions in Northern Europe: feed based on grass silage, maize silage or human food by-products. We offer three liquid varieties: Standard, Flexible and Special and a dry solution for easy handling. ProMyr™ TMR offers optimal microbial protection, which means it keeps the TMR cool during feeding, reduces the growth of unwanted bacteria, molds and yeasts and it increases the palatability of feed consumption. Palatable TMR improves milk production and/or growth. The best part of the story is that we offer solutions for all TMR-mixes. With this new product line we meet the demands of the farmers and give them the opportunity to optimize feed preservation during warmer months.”

Highly efficient and easy to handle
Besides ProMyr™ TMR Perstorp continued to put spotlights on its star grain preservative ProSid™ MI 700 during EuroTier. Marc Kinjet is enthusiastic about the approach which is used in Germany. “With ProSid™ MI 700 we focus on the end users, the farmers. On daily basis, they work with grain and feed. Easy to use and efficient preservation is important to them. With ProSid™ MI 700 – based on an esterifying technology - we offer a highly efficient, profitable and easy to handle solution. ProSid™ MI 700 offers maximum grain protection. The formula is classified as non-ADR which means that farmers don’t need any specific adaption of dosage equipment or storage and transport permits. To prove our proposition we challenge farmers to calculate their earnings using ProSid™ MI 700. Calculate your profit on our website: There you’ll find the calculator and more information about maximum grain preservation with ProSid™ MI 700.”

The backbone
With the new preservation formulas Perstorp proves to be a partner of today’s farmers. Perstorp understands the market, the changes and the opportunities. These insights and know-how combined with research lead to focused innovations: one of the core values of Perstorp together with the Swedish values of responsibility and reliability.

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