Perstorp drives gut health and performance

Perstorp has been a pioneer in organic acids for the last 50 years, bringing reliable and safe solutions to the feed market. Its latest solution to improve gut health and performance in pigs and poultry ProPhorce™ SR is rapidly becoming a gold standard. ProPhorce™ SR is already sold in over 40 countries and that number is still increasing. And there is more to come in 2017: there will be a major introduction of a revolutionary new way of managing gut health for broilers.

Esterifying technique: easy and cost effective
With the ever increasing pressure to reduce antibiotic usage in feed, nutritionists all over the world are looking for innovative solutions to replace antibiotics. One of the most reliable and proven concepts are butyric acid based solutions. The esterifying technique used by Perstorp has made it much easier and more cost effective for feed producers to use these products in their formulas.

High concentration active butyric acid
“The coated salts that were used in the past have proven to be very effective to improve gut health and performance, but the quality is still very variable” states Geert Wielsma, Portfolio Director for gut health solutions at Perstorp. “Making high quality coated products means up to 70% of fat coating is needed to protect the salts in the product so they are delivered in the intestinal tract. The actual active butyric acid molecules are only present in low concentration. With the new esterifying technique we can increase this amount up to 85% without having the bad butyric acid smell in feed production”.

ProPhorce™ SR unrivalled butyric acid power
Perstorp sees an increasing demand for its gut health solutions. Geert explains: “In markets where antibiotic free production (ABF) is a hot topic such as the USA and Europe and in traditional markets such as India and China they see the necessity of our solutions. In both types of markets our solutions help to reduce Feed Conversation Rate and increase Average Daily Growth. We have built up a large file of successful cases showing that ProPhorce™ SR helps to improve animal performance.”

Working on a revolutionary new formula

Wielsma continues: “We focus on improving our solutions. This results in new products and formulas. Today we work on a complete new way of managing gut health in broilers. Years of research with partners such as Ghent University and the University of Atlanta have led to a new way of managing gut health in broilers. As we expect we can launch this revolutionary new product at the ESPN in Spain next year. The ESPN is the perfect podium to share our findings with our customers.”

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