Announcing three Innovation Challenge finalists

Perstorp, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is today announcing the three finalists in its Innovation Challenge, a competition launched in September 2015 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its unique Capa™ caprolactone thermoplastic materials.

The purpose of the contest is to crowdsource ideas for a future challenge in this ever-changing world, and creatively applying Perstorp’s unique Capa™ caprolactone thermoplastic materials.

“We received many great submissions from all over the world,” said Marie Grönborg, Executive Vice President of Business Area Specialties and Solutions, “and we are pleased to finally be able to announce the three following finalists.” They are:

1. Flexii, a submission from brothers Kashyap and Chintan Gohel, for flexible furniture. Both are students at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Juja, Kenya. Using the tagline of “Flexii – with you every step of the way,” the brothers imagine using Perstorp’s remoldable Capa™ Thermoplastics to make, repair and remold furniture into new shapes and designs rather than disposing of used or broken pieces in landfills. They suggest that “Remoulding centres” can be created to generate jobs related to reshaping such furniture, which also can tap into 3D printing technology for the design and creation of “new” furniture.

2. Long-term material delivery system, a submission from Ph.D. student Feng Shiyan and graduate student Liana Christiani in Japan, is based on an idea for a long-term drug-delivery system where a biodegradable capsule would be inserted to the body and as biodegradation happens the drugs will slowly be released. Their idea is to modify a polycaprolactone (PCL)-based biomaterial, the polymer used in the Capa™ products, to assist in delivery of nanoscale medications for chronic diseases such as cancer and HIV-AIDS.

3. Manufacturing with 3D-printed molds, an idea from Alexander Osika in Sweden, is based on a concept for 3D printing medium-scale production. The low melting point of Capa™ thermoplastics can allow it to be used for 3D printers to create plastic molds where Capa™ can be compression molded. The result, says Alexander, is the possibility to do production runs that are low in tooling costs, quick in setup and yet produce quality parts. This technique would not require heavy machinery, and even offers the potential to be used in your home. Alexander is studying at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden.

A jury consisting of external experts and Perstorp representatives judged the submissions based on the following criteria: Capa’s™ role in solving the challenge, implementability, innovation height and value for society.

All three finalists are invited to Sweden to present their concepts to the jury and to Perstorp senior management. Each has also received Capa™ Thermoplastics for prototyping, and will receive support from Perstorp senior experts until the ultimate winner is chosen. “We are eager to see what will come out of this, it’s amazing to see the brainpower out there” said Malin Johansson, Marketing Communications Manager Perstorp, noting that Perstorp will name the winner before the summer.

The top prize winner will receive a tremendous package of benefits, including:

  • Presence at K-Fair, the world’s largest plastics show, in October 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany
    (with entrance fee, travel & accommodation paid by Perstorp AB)
  • a personal senior Perstorp mentor for one year
  • a cash prize 40 000 SEK (about 4 300 Euro)

Perstorp’s Capa™ caprolactone thermoplastics are durable, strong, stiff, biodegradable, moldable at 60°C, and can be reheated and reshaped over and over again. They offer wear resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, gloss, adhesion, low-temperature flexibility, and many other properties.

Perstorp is pleased to celebrate the proven value and versatility of Capa™ Thermoplastics technology via this Innovation Challenge, which is helping to apply the materials to potentially solving some of society’s future problems. Stay tuned to learn more soon about the contest’s big winner.

Watch Marie Grönborg announce the finalists here!

For more information please contact:
Cecilia Svensson, VP Communications, send email, Tel +46 733 13 38 20
Kevin Noels, EMG, send email, Tel +31 164 317 011