Chinese Scientific Research proves: Less feed, same result with ProPhorce™ SR

New Chinese scientific research once again confirms the power of ProPhorce™ SR: with 2% less feed, the daily growth remains the same. The scientific research was done by professor Yang of the Shandong Agricultural University. He and his team tested ProPhorce™ SR on a group of broilers: healthy animals under normal circumstances. The findings show that with ProPhorce™ SR a significant difference has been realized with regard to the feed conversion. At the same time the research shows constant growth rates. The research corroborates the good results which have been achieved with ProPhorce™ SR in Europe.

Strong development of the villi
Professor Yang from Shandong Agricultural University: “The research shows that you need 2% less feed when using ProPhorce™ SR in order to realize the same daily growth. The length of the villi is increased by the use of ProPhorce™ SR. We have established that the length of the villi increases up to 35%. The animal’s feed uptake capacity is enhanced by the strong development of the intestinal wall, so the chicken will use the feed more efficiently. This results in a lower feed conversion.”

Better results
Geert Wielsma, product manager at Perstorp Feed & Food, is impressed by the figures. “It is a confirmation of the power of ProPhorce™ SR. Less feed, more results. I would like to add: better results for the farmer. That’s what it is all about in the end. With ProPhorce™ SR we enhance the results for the farmers.”

ESPN Prague 24 – 27 August
Geert Wielsma continues: “During the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition 2015 in Prague my colleagues and I will elaborate on the research results. During the congress Perstorp will organize a mini symposium for the visitors of the congress. Then we will focus on ProPhorce™ SR in view of the Chinese research, earlier scientific researches and field testing."

Perstorp Feed & Food
Perstorp is one of the main sponsors of the ESPN in Prague. The Swedish multinational strives for healthy animals and healthy food by the implementation and continuous innovation of solutions for the enhancement of the intestinal development and feed conversion. For instance new product ranges such as ProPhorce™ SR and ProSid™ MI 700 are based on innovative ester-technologies. It is characteristic of the power of an organization which applies itself to reliable and safe products.

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