Pevalen™ - an innovative plasticizer for sensitive applications

The Perstorp Group, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will be presenting its latest developments in plasticizers at K Fair 2013. This will include an innovative new general-purpose plasticizer, Pevalen™, developed specifically for sensitive close-to-consumer applications.

Plasticizers are a vital component in soft PVC plastics where durability and flexibility are important properties, for example in flooring, artificial leathers, tarpaulins, toys, automotive interiors, and cables. Perstorp, with a successful history within the field of plasticizers, now launches Pevalen™ as a non-phthalate plasticizer meeting market demand in sensitive applications.

Pevalen™ – non-phthalate with an uncompromising performance
Pevalen™ is a plasticizer based on well-proven, reliable chemistry. As a non-phthalate plasticizer alternative it does not compromise performance in any way. In fact performance is equal to or better than other plasticizers used today.

Pevalen™ is very efficient, which means your formulation requires less plasticizer. In combination with low migration and volatility the performance is unmet by other plasticizers. Pevalen™ also displays excellent UV stability making it a perfect choice in applications exposed to sunlight.

Pevalen™ is easier and faster to blend with PVC than most other plasticizers. This reduces processing time, helps you increase capacity of your existing production line, and maintains a low production cost ensuring a robust manufacturing process.

Pevalen™ is a well-proven product that is REACH-registered. Pevalen™ is based on food-approved raw materials and the process for obtaining food contact approval for Pevalen™ is underway.

A more sustainable solution too
PVC is a highly appreciated material in applications that require exceptional durability for a long service life. As a high performance non-phthalate plasticizer Pevalen™ contributes to a more sustainable PVC solution. PVC and Pevalen™ is a winning combination for long life products that are safe and hygienic to use. Many of these products require little or no maintenance giving the plastics a low cost and trouble-free service lifetime.

Pre-marketing of Pevalen™ has shown that the product is suitable for a number of close-to-consumer applications and it has initially been met with raving customer reviews.

Don’t miss out visit us at K Fair
Visit us at Stand B15, Hall 07.2 at K Fair to get the inside track on Pevalen™. Perstorp will also be showcasing new products for carbon source for intumescent flame-retardants, products for biodegradable plastics and new high heat resistant transparent thermoplastic co-polyesters for plastic packaging and durable applications.

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